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Selfie Light On Amazon

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

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I bought this light a little over a year ago for outings! I absolutely loved it & realized it could be used more than just for selfies 😉. I decided to by a little tripod for it, so I can use it in my UGC content videos. Then BOOM...This light turned out to be a great assist to my personal business. It has help sooo much with making sure my videos stay looking crisp! The worst thing is bad lighting when shooting....I mean to me, b/c ya know all I do is take selfies (Just kidding 😂).

Original Price: $28.95 | ON SALE: $18.36

Major functions that hooked me

-Long lasting battery life. (300min)

-Adjustable color temperature settings.

-Can be mounted on cameras & tripods.


-Not a selfie timed light.

-Not water resistant.

Click the link below to view this product & other content creating must haves on my Amazon Storefront!

Content Creator Must Haves by Niya Enyce

Direct link for portable Light

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