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My Manifestation Journey

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Hello all my name is Aniya, I am 22yrs old, and I am here to teach you all how to be the light.

I guess I will start by saying my intention with this page is to share with everyone the tools for a better life.

We individually are filled with immense power for manifestation and etc., so why not take advantage of your natural born right?

I come from a pretty crazy childhood that well enough should have left me as a statistic, but it didn't. This is because I made the conscious decision to not allow the circumstances of my life control how my future is going to be.

So, I pulled out a small book at age 11 and wrote all of my heart's desires at the time down. The crazy thing is every last thing that I wrote in that book has happened in my life. Because I took the time to believe fully and pour my energy into my desires.

If you’re a skeptic and don’t believe me. Stay along for the ride, so I can prove you wrong🤪🤍

Cheers to brighter and better futures for all. I’m glad I can show you how to be the light!!

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