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The first step in a better life is... a better YOU 😁

So now one may ask ”..well how do I become a better me?”

I would recommend first and foremost Meditation/Prayer. Meditation/Prayer is a great way to relax and free you mind, so that you may think more clearly. I recommend maybe putting on some calming music you enjoy. Light some candles, incense etc. Find a relaxing position for you to meditate. Then begin to take some deep breaths. Think about being calm and at peace. Tell yourself I am calm and I am at peace.

Then I recommend taking 5+minutes to just relax and be one with your thoughts. Think about the things you are doing in life. Who is around you? Are they good for you? Are you happy in your job or career?

The above are just some starter topics of things you can meditate/pray on to help you with immediate life stresses. If I am having anxiety about a job, school...or whatever I will meditate on it and ask God/the Universe what I should do. I put whatever the stressful situation is on God hands and give it to him.

Now here is the key in getting the results you desire. They solely depend on you. If you do not believe that what you want can happen...guess what? It won’t. Because you created a space for doubt in your own power and Gods to achieve the things you are looking for. Remove the doubts. Feel what you want, believe it, see it. Then continue to pray/meditate on it. If you begin to adjust your life to the opportunities God/The Universe aligns for you, I promise you will start to see your desire unfold.

This journey of self revelation and spiritual awareness is scary because we have to be extremely vulnerable, but it’s worth it! We are strong individuals with the power to do WHATEVER we put our minds to!

So step one...Clear your mind of the stress. Meditate and pray. Once you alleviate the stress you will begin to fell better and project better energy. With these steps you can simply begin to build a better frequency for yourself.

I strongly believe this will only work for the individuals who are actually ready to confront their true self and fix the trauma that they have endured in life🤍 Learn to be/see the💡✨

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